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We welcome you to the mystical, entertaining and magical world of 29:11Craft. This is not just your average or run off the mill online media platform (No Sir!?) But an all compassing website that caters to the all needs of our readers, this is what our mission “Being Everything For Someone ” is founded on.

Our ultimate goal isnt to change YOU (Our readers) but to bring out the best in you that the world can possibly see, hence our slogan “Be You, Only Better”

29:11 Craft was founded by three sisters, Natalie, Ann-Marie and Hilarie, who share the same beliefs and passionbut are worlds apart when it comes to their ideologies, style, adventrous spirit and characters, which makes the website more unique and fun.

We are bringing pop culture, entrepreneurship, fashion, beauty and culinary arts to your fingertips, so sit back, relax and get ready to embark on a journey that will changeYOU.

The world of 29:11Craft