Let’s Collaborate

29:11 Craft helps brands and countries tell their stories via articles that are engaging and SEO structured which will be posted on our website and also through professional and enchanting photographs, entertaining and captivating videos and mentions on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,Twitter and Pinterest.

We team up with clients and work hand in hand with brands to design comprehensive campaigns, that we share with our readers on our website and on social media.

We can also provide Sidebar Ads for the brands we collaborate with, which will be visible to all our viewers and all our post. It will not only serve as an advert but also a direct link taking our readers to either a post of the brand or country or a direct link to the brand’s website.

We also offer services such as product reviews, social media takeover and giveaways.

Therefore, If you’re a restaurant, fashion brand, beauty brand, airline, in-flight magazine, food brand, destination magazine, travel gear company, lifestyle brand, hotel or tourism board, then we would love to speak with you.

Please send an email to 2911craft@gmail.com. Kindly state who you are and what you’re looking for and we will be excited to come up with ideas on how we can work together.