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With the passage of time, the era of the web and social media led me to embrace a distinguished kind of enlightenment. My trusting oracle Google and my ever dependable companion Instagram has showcased the memorable transformations in trends, fashion, entertainment, also the constant shifts in what is regarded to as popular culture and has given me an outlet to celebrate notable and fascinating trendsetters. Thanks to social media, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, in August 2016, I discovered Ali Gordon, a fashion genius, a fitness guru and an icon in the blogging community who has implemented various “changes” in his industry.

Ali Gordon who decided to delve in to the world of blogging after “some gentle persuasion” from his partner Lydia Elise Millen, is the founder and editor of the widely recognised fashion, fitness, travel and lifestyle blog -Ali Gordon, a blog dedicated to grooming modern day gentlemen.

In this interview Ali talks his blog, grooming essentials for every man and what he loves most about being married.

29:11 Craft: Can you tell me about yourself?

Ali Gordon: My name is Ali Gordon and I am a 28yr old UK online lifestyle creator.

29:11Craft: Kindly tell me about your blog “Ali Gordon” and how it has changed the man behind it since it’s creation?

Ali Gordon: AliGordon.Net was a blog developed to share my fitness journey, I had been training for many years and I felt it was time to share and log my experiences. It then shortly became a place for male grooming and fashion quickly followed by travel and lifestyle, The Blog has become a place for the 21st Century Gent. When I created the blog I was working as an electrical engineer and simply run it on the side for myself, over the years I’m now lucky enough to say it’s my full time profession and I have been able travel around the world with it taking my subscribes along with me.

It’s a change that brought many challenges but I feel I have become accustom to this way of working and living and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

29:11Craft: What came before Ali Gordon blog?

Ali Gordon: Before becoming an online creator I worked as a full time electrical engineer, during my time on site I was fortunate enough to develop lifetime skills. I then found my now wife where I was introduced to the world of blogging to which my life simply changed forever.

29:11Craft: What’s the biggest change you’ve experienced since your blog took off?

Ali Gordon: Routine. I pride myself in being able to function in the most efficient manner and stay on top of life. Since working as an online creator I found it impossible to give full structure to this job. It’s a change that brought many challenges but I feel I have become accustom to this way of working and living and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

29:11Craft: You have a full sponsorship from a fitness supplement brand PhD and you have collaborated with brands like Olympus, River Island, Dune London and Haig Club just to mention a few. Our readers will like to know how you were able to get collaboration from brands at the early stage of your career?

Ali Gordon: I was very fortunate to have had a sponsorship with PHD at the early stage of my career we worked very tightly to produce weekly content for both myself and the brand and I remember the team telling me the attraction I had to them was the lifestyle I followed, it held the same brand values they did and so I guess my brand image and my content was to thank for that opportunity. I strongly believe this has also been a large factor in the majority of my brand partnerships.

29:11Craft: The pictures on your blog and social media pages are uniquely wonderful and the possess clean and crisp qualities. Kindly share the camera and photo-editing app you use.

Ali Gordon: Thank you, I’m always looking to improve and push my abilities with the content I produce and the current cameras the larger amount of images are taken with are the Cannon 5D Mark 4 and my own camera the Sony A7R Mark2 both cameras usually shoot on a 50mm prime lens. I then do my post edit in PhotoShop and often add a filter using the VSCO cam app – A5 I also sharpen the image in app also as Instagram can soften an image when uploading.

29:11 Craft: What are the three grooming essentials every guy must have?

Ali Gordon: Face Moisturiser, Eye care and Cologne.

29:11 Craft: On a cheat day what will you eat?

Ali Gordon: I am a huge Burger lover, so get me into a burger joint and I will be in my element.

29:11 Craft: What is/are your hidden talent(s)?

Ali Gordon: I wish I had some to talk about. Haha I’m one of those guys thats just ok at everything but master of none.

29:11 Craft: What do you love most about being married?

Ali Gordon: Having a lifetime commitment with someone I love so dearly.

29:11 Craft: What’s your advice to people wanting to stay in shape?

Ali Gordon: Consistency is key. If you are able to moderate your food intake and attend the gym frequently you will see results as long as you stay consistent. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t seeing the results as fast or as noticeably as you would like. Keep on grinding and you will eventually get to your end goal.

29:11 Craft: What should we expect from Ali Gordon?

Ali Gordon: I would expect many more travel videos and cool experiences to be shared over the next few months with trips to Australia and New York on the cards. I’m looking to branch out in other areas of business in the future but for now we will just have to wait and see.

Make sure to check out and follow Ali on instagram @aligordon89

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