Meet African Blogger Kuyet Bamai

In a world where the word “Blogging” keep floating around everyday like that of an ocean wave trying to find its way to shore daily.

In this part of the continent bloggers are gradually becoming seen as influencers by brand, people that have voices and can promote product through large followership on their social media pages.

It’s no wonder that the buzz of blogging has awoken questions from around the world. People are trying to figure out ” How to become a successful blogger” “How bloggers make money” and “How to work with brands” there are looking for answers to the How’s.

Kuyet is one blogger who is gradually breaking grounds in the blogging community in Nigeria with an Award and different brand collaborations under his belt. In this interview we discuss some of the questions which people ask about blogging.

29:11Craft: Can you give us a little insight on who Kuyet is?

Kuyet: Hmm insight is such a big word but to keep it simple kuyet is just a young gentle man who uses his life and style to tell stories that inspire.

29:11craft: How would you describe your style?

Kuyet: Oh this one is so easy, my style is minimal

29:11craft: Walk us through your blog Kuyet Bamai?

Kuyet: Now this might take the whole day lol but well my blog was born in 2015 and since then it has been a work in progress and we actually won an award in 2017.

29:11craft: How would you describe the African blogging community ?

Kuyet: A lot has been said about the blogging community but one thing I must point out is the fact that, there are a lot of creative minds in Africa and we can run the world with our beautiful culture and style so yes the blogging community in Africa is filled with great minds .

29:11craft: If you could change anything in the Nigerian blogging community what will it be and why?

Kuyet: I think I’ll change the ideology that brands have about bloggers and influencers, I tell them “hey we want your freebies (sometimes) but we need to get paid for our hardwork (all the time).

29:11craft: I’m totally and insanely obsessed with your instagram page , what photo app (s)  do you use for your pictures?

Kuyet: Thank you so much, so I use this app called “kuyet is awesome”……..heard of it? OK maybe you just try snapseed, pics art and a little bit of that awesome too.

•29:11craft: Where is your favorite place to eat in Abuja and what will you likely order for?

Kuyet: The truth is I hardly eat anything outside, rice, pasta, pounded yam and fries, but I think easy bite restaurant is pretty good and affordable too.

29:11Craft: You have some collaboration below your belt,  do you think brands in Nigeria are beginning to see the influence of bloggers in promoting their product?

Kuyet: Oh yes I must confess that as much as most of them don’t always admit it but they are starting to see how we can actually shake the gram with just a single hash tag. So yeah I think they can now clearly see our influence.

29:11craft: What do you find the most frustrating aspect of  blogging?

Kuyet: When you post and people don’t read. That’s the worst frustration ever.

29:11craft: The best gift you’ve ever received as a Fashion blogger?

Kuyet: I think my first award happens to be the best gift I ever received since I started blogging.

29:11craft: In the future where do you hope your blog will take you.

Kuyet: I want my blog to take me all around the world so I can explore it’s hidden beauties with my keen eye.

Thank you so much for having me.

Photo credit: instagram/kuyetbamai

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