Fashionista For The Week : Tyeesha Street

Our last fashionista for the month of May is Tyeesha Street from Calgary, Alberta who is not just a strong believer of fashion but also a vintage shopper.

She writes “Fashion is easily the most important part of my life and my biggest passion. I have a fashion blog I recently started called ‘Civicstyles’ , this is where I share my love for slow/ethical fashion as well as my love for vintage and second hand clothing. I believe fashion is something that connects us all, so we need to know who is making our clothing and how they are being treated. I do a lot of vintage shopping so I would say my style is very eclectic, pulling inspiration from the last 60 years of fashion with contemporary styles thrown in. That is kind of what fashion means to me, it’s suppose to tell a story about who you are as a person. Like all art, fashion shows our history and heritage, which is such a beautiful thing.

She continues “My wardrobe essentials are basically made up of unique patterns and florals, but nothing beats good denim and graphic tees.”

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