Craving New Addictions

When it comes to food, we are all guilty of having certain addictions. Most times we find ourselves craving during the day or even at night (which by the way is the worst time to crave) a cup of coffee,  an extra large long cheeseburger with some fries by the side, ice cream with chocolate and strawberry toppings or even some pancakes with lots of chocolate syrup. Personally, I find myself shamelessly drooling and constantly craving  a cup of cappuccino or anything junk related.

If not controlled it can become our kryptonite, our Achilles’ heel and sadly in a long run this addictions could be more harmful than beneficial. After a little research(which completely shattered my heart), these are my findings and my suggestions as to what can be used to replace our “not so beneficial addictions“.

Out With Coffee And In With Yogurt.

I’m not in anyway a morning person, infact I dread getting up from my bed in the morning. I always need that caffeine kick to awaken my sense (I’m sure you can relate to this) but unfortunately for us coffee lovers, coffee can cause bad breath. According to WebMD “Coffee creates a favourable environment for oral bacterial growth. They also have a dying effect, which reduces slivia flow and allows smelling bacteria to live longer.”

SO instead of coffee why don’t we use yogurt to “awaken our senses”? Granted, it doesn’t have that caffeine we need but sugar free yogurt has microorganisms which helps to fight those bacterial that can cause plaque, gum disease and of course bad breath.

Swapping  Refined Carbohydrates For Fruit And Vegetables.

We all love flawless and radiant skin right  (I mean who wouldn’t?). We also love pasta, white rice and my personal favourite bread (because a breakfast is never complete with out some toast) but these things are refined carbohydrates which can be harmful to the skin. Carina Wolff quoted Andrea Cox saying  “Your body metabolizes these processed carbs the same way as sugar, meaning they actually cause wrinkles by damaging the collagen in your skin”

On the other hand, fruits and vegetables contains high water contents, which gives the skin enough moisture to makes the skin hydrated. It also helps to make you skin look younger because of the antioxidants in them.

So next time you want to order  french toast for breakfast think about your skin and order a fruit salad instead.

Dark Chocolate Instead Of Cheese.

Frequently,  I like to treat myself to a pepperoni pizza or a cheese burger but they contain cheese which are apparently bad for the brain. They injure your hypothalamus,(which is a small part of the brain that controls weight regulation). This can cause obesity, heart failure  and even stroke. Kirkpatrick told Huffington post. “Think about inflammation of circulatory system—the same arteries flowing to the heart go up into the brain,” she explains. “Let’s say you have horrible high-fat diet. You might have a heart attack, but you might have blockage in the arteries leading to your brain.”

That’s why, starting from this day, dark chocolate will be the only treat I give myself. I don’t mean   processed milk or white chocolate, I’m talking about chocolate with about 70% percent  of cocoa. According to Dr. Axe  “Chocolate is chockfull of flavonols, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They can also help lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to both the brain and heart”.

Go For Omega  3 Fatty Acids Instead Of Omega 6 acids.

Processed potato chips, margarine or butter and vegetable shortening all have one thing in common, “Omega 6 acids” which is extremely bad for our mood.  Leah Zerbe says “the high levels of omega-6 fatty acids could tamper with our mood and healthy insulin levels”.  What Omega 6 acids basically does is to block out Omega 3 acids which helps to build the brain and enhance our mood .

So, go for things that contains omega 3 fatty acids. In recent years researchers has come to the realisation that Omega 3 acids may help to fight against  depression. Well according to  Elaine Magee “This makes sense physiologically, since omega-3s appear to affect neurotransmitter pathways in the brain”. Food that are high in omega 3 acids includes flexseed oil, soybeans, fatty fish, walnut, caviar and salmon.

Choose Turkey Over Holiday Ham.

Leah Zerbe had this to say about holiday ham “Conventional hams come from factory farms where pigs are pumped full of antibiotics. These hams are also injected with sugar, salt, fillers, and nitrate preservatives that can trigger low moods, migraines, and even swollen ankles, and “cankles” can make anyone seriously depressed!”

Instead of  holiday ham why don’t you go for turkey.  My food dairy states that  “Healthy foods that contain tryptophan (such as turkey, yogurt, and fish)  are  associated with improved mood because the body converts tryptophan(which  basically means non essential amino acis ) in to serotonin(in layman’s terms means mood regulator)”. When ever you are feeling sad make sure you go for turkey, yogurt or fish.

After these heartbreaking  findings it’s safe to say “it’s  finally time to start craving new additions” right?

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