The Classic Man Curtis Bright.

Some one once asked me “what is your definition of a Classic Man?”,  I said “Someone who is fearless when it’s comes to fashion, some one who dresses in suit and still look sexy.


A person who is stylish and can mix different pieces to get a perfect outfit . A person who pays attention to details when shopping and someone who loves to buy quality rather than  quantity. That is the definition of my Classic Man.”


When I first saw Curtis Bright on my instagram explore page what came to my mind was  “he definitely must own a multi billionaire dollar company in Seattle”. The visual impression I got is that he is fearless when it comes to fashion.


Curtis Bright who lives in Seattle says his style is “dependent on where I’m going, who I’m seeing and most importantly how I’m feeling. Mood is everything. I like to style my looks with a combination of dress clothes and casual wear. Highs and lows if you will. I also like to incorporate vintage accessories into my outfits, whether it be jewelry, shoes or bags.”


Curtis also states that his three essentials of fashion are;

1. A pair of loafers. They are easy, appropriate any time of year and are a classic style.

2. A topcoat, because of versatility. It can be paired with t-shirts and jeans, or dressed up with a suit.

3. Sunglasses. It’s hard not to look cool in a pair of shades.


According to Curtis Bright  “fashion is wearing clothes that make me feel like the best version of myself..its means stepping out of my style comfort zone from time to time to incorporate trends and  having enough self-awareness to know what styles work for me and which ones don’t.. ”


Curtis Bright passes as my Classic Man of the week.




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